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On October 3, Beijing time, Japanese player Reina Ishikawa scored a 68 at Higashiokaoka Golf Club (6362 yards, par 72) in Tamano City, Okayama County for three consecutive rounds, beating Ogawa Yoko by one shot, and was in Sanyo Shimbun In the Women's Cup, the Japanese Tour's second-level championship was achieved.

北京时间10月3日,日本选手石川玲奈(Reina Ishikawa)在冈山县玉野市东冈冈高尔夫俱乐部(6362码,标准杆72杆)上连续三轮打进68分,一杆击败小川洋子,并在三洋新闻女子杯获得了日本巡回赛的二级冠军。

   Beijing girl Shi Yuting shot 70 in the second round, 213 in three rounds (73-70-70), 3 under par, tied for 29th.


   "I played 70 shots today, and the overall performance is quite stable," Shi Yuting said, "I am quite satisfied with catching 5 birdies this round."


   Shi Yuting was at a low point some time ago, so I hope to debug this surrounding game. She hit the 3rd hole, 175 yards, with a 22-degree iron wood to 15 feet, and caught her first birdie today, followed by the 4th hole, the par 4 hole, her second shot from the 9 iron After 130 yards, he hit 6 feet to the left of the flagpole and caught a birdie again.


The more beautiful bird came from the seventh hole. She pushed into a 30-foot long putt. On the eighth hole, she hit the 6th iron from the bunker 150 yards away to 10 feet to the right of the flagpole and caught the fourth birdie. .

更漂亮的鸟儿来自第七洞。她推入一个30英尺长的推杆。在第八洞,她从沙坑150码处的旗杆右边10英尺处击中了第六铁,并抓住了第四只小鸟。 。

   Shi Yuting swallowed two bogeys after the transition, but on the last hole, par five, she hit the green with two shots, the 30-foot eagle pushed past the hole and caught the last birdie.


"I think that in this game, I played better day by day," Shi Yuting said, "It's not just the results, but also the number of birds caught. On the first day, there were 3 birdies, and the next day 4 birdies. Today is 5 A little bird. I feel my state is picking up."


   Shi Yuting hopes to take advantage of this momentum to play well the next week's first level tournament at Tomei Country Club in Shizuoka County: Stanley Electric Women's Golf Tournament.


Chinese Chang Wenhui also participated in the competition, caught 6 birdies, swallowed 3 bogeys, shot 69, 210 (71-70-69) in three rounds, 6 under par, tied for 16. Bit.


   Ishikawa Reina started the final round one shot behind Yoko Ogawa and was second. She caught 2 birdies on the first nine holes, swallowed a bogey, and shot 35. Then on the 10th hole, she pushed into a 5-meter birdie putt to stabilize the lead, and then caught two more birdies. bird.

Ishikawa Reina在最后一轮比赛中领先小川洋子,并获得第二名。她在前9个洞抓了2个小鸟,吞下柏忌,打出35杆。然后在第10个洞,她推入5米小鸟推杆以稳定领先,然后又抓了2个小鸟。鸟。

   "I'm quite happy. I only think about my own ball and don't look at other people's," Reina Ishikawa said. "I focus on my own ball and enter my own world."

“我很高兴。我只考虑自己的球,不看别人的球,”石川丽奈说。 “我专注于自己的球,进入自己的世界。”

   Before the game started today, Reina Ishikawa’s senior Shibuno Hyugako sent her words of encouragement. The former champion of the British Women's Open is currently participating in the ShopRite LPGA Classic in New Jersey, USA.

在今天比赛开始之前,石川丽奈(Reina Ishikawa)的资深涩野日向子(Shibuno Hyugako)向她致以鼓励。这位英国女子公开赛的前冠军目前正在美国新泽西州参加ShopRite LPGA Classic。

   "This morning, Shibuno told me to be myself, and I finally became myself," Ishikawa Reina said.


   In 2019, 20-year-old Reina Ishikawa passed the vocational examination. She won for the fourth time and won 5.4 million yen. "I won, but I'm not completely confident," she said. "I fight with anxiety every day. I still think golf is scary.

2019年,年仅20岁的石川丽奈(Reina Ishikawa)通过了职业考试。她第四次获胜,赢得了540万日元。她说:“我赢了,但我并不完全有信心。” “我每天都在焦虑中挣扎。我仍然认为高尔夫很可怕。

   "I usually have a positive attitude, and I only feel uneasy in golf. Although I passed the final professional examination, I did not expect that the second-level tour is such a strict world."


   In any case, Reina Ishikawa’s career has set sail, and she has taken the first step towards success.

无论如何,石川丽奈(Reina Ishikawa)的职业生涯已经起航,并且迈出了迈向成功的第一步。